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1. Application

Series of CLF Roller Press and matched VXS or VXR separator functioning as separating,classification and drying can work independently or with ball mill to form different technological processes, such as pre-grinding, mixing grinding,semi-finish grinding or finish grinding. Because of innovation of grinding principle, the Roller Press and related technological process can reduce the grinding energy 50-100% and increase the output 100-300%, which is suitable for the grinding process of raw material or clinker in new plant or plant modification, as well as changing lack of grinding capacity due to new standard.

2.Main Characteristic

◆Roller surface technology (welding material, equipment and welding technique) can efficiently reduce the generation and diffusion of microcrack in welding process, improve the hardness of hardened layer and increase the service life of roller, as well as make the routing maintenance easy.


◆Aviation hydraulic technology brings the CLF Roller Press high reliability.

◆Joining of hydraulic system and automatic control system of CLF Roller Press can achieve: loading   control of main driving system, gap deviation control and auto skew adjustment between rollers and fault self-diagnosis.

◆Matched VX or VXR separator functions as separating,classification and drying in a single equipment, so lower running cost and high productivity are available.

◆The fuzzy control is adopted in control system and the matched components are world-famous.

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