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Vice Provincial Governor of Sichuan Province Visited Leejun
2014-03-03 Hits:

    On February 28, 2014, Mr. Lin Gan (Vice Provincial Governor of Sichuan), Mr. Jian Ma (Director of Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau), Mr.Yubin Ai(Deputy Director of Sichuan Financial Services Office), etc. visited Chengdu Leejun.  Mr. Yamin He (Chairman of the Board) and Mr. Yijun Hu (Secretary of the Board) etc. warmly received them at Leejun premises.
    In Longquan Economic Development Zone of Chengdu, the group led by Mr. Lin Gan visited the industrialization base construction project for large-size roller press system funded by equity investment, and listened to the elaborate statements made by Mr. Yamin He on the project products and manufacturing process flow. 
    During the meeting, Mr. Lin Gan amiably exchanged ideas with Leejun’s Chairman on the upstream and downstream industry chain, price system of Leejun, core value of enterprise development, etc. After praising Leejun’s development and achievements, Mr. Gan encouraged Leejun to adequately master the present economic status globally and grasp the opportunity to develop and strengthen the company further in virtue of capital platform.


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